Dented Little Scars

by Pocket Writer

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released December 27, 2014

Written, composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jakub Raček
Check Your Facts composed and recorded by Jakub & Jozef Raček
All songs performed by Jakub Raček
Additional performances by:
Stephanie Raček - piano (Check Your Facts) & keys (Empty Hands)
Jozef Raček - electric guitar & backing vocals (Check Your Facts)
Michael Picard - bass (Check Your Facts)
Berson Augustin - violin (Check Your Facts)

Copyright Jakub Raček (SOCAN) 2014



all rights reserved


Pocket Writer Ottawa, Ontario

Pocket Writer is Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Jakub Racek. His debut album "Dented Little Scars" delves into the wintery introspection of Racek's time as a city dwelling grad student. A blend of stripped down acoustic folk songs and electric indie rock, the album's diverse sounds represent the many faces of the artist's home town. ... more

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Track Name: Dented Little Scars
This is not what I had in mind when I took this photograph
Of a face I never thought could change
‘Cause it was shot on my behalf
But a piece of history was saved for future eyes to see
It’s just the emulsion began to disappear when we agreed to disagree
And as we stepped inside the red dark room
Our eyes were blinded shut
Not from any source of light but from the darkness of our hearts
And as we developed several prints of times we’d spent apart
Our hands could never put a stop to the chemicals we loved
They just lived inside our veins
Bleeding onto paper that was locked and sealed away
Hoping to be exposed again
By the solution that would dissolve our whispering campaign
I put you inside a small black frame and hung you on my wall
Thinking that you’d stay in place without a final curtain call
But this white box has been covered up far too many times
With the marks of former tenants leaving dented little scars
From faces that they used to love and hopefully still do
But who knows where they all ended up, a question of virtue
Asking what to do with the ones you know
But will never ever see again
Unless you both decide that this is the time and place
To put aside the magazines that were filled with words
Heard by other ears and just listen
Track Name: Check Your Facts
You step in here looking for a cure
You check your facts just to make sure
But you can't relearn what you already know
Your name on a vial is just a show
Wait for them to call your name
This is the place where all the legal drug dealers make a living
Where people stop to receive almsgiving
One hand out to collect the change
While the other spikes the stock exchange
Yeah yeah, let the money flow
You stepped in here looking for a cure
You checked your facts 'cause you weren't sure
But you can't relearn what you already know
Your name on a vial is just a show
Yeah yeah, let the money flow
Too many choices to pick
But they all just make me sick
As you smile and recommend
The product of the current trend
"Pass it along to all your friends
Trust me I know what's best"
Track Name: Currents
Another day has passed and the memories will last
Saved for another day when the current events are far away
Long enough for you to say “I liked yesterday better than today”
Tomorrow comes much too soon
It's been 29 days since the last full moon
Its light shone bright at night but not long enough to cool the air
It's still hot as hell and we're not going anywhere
We'll just sweat our hearts out and proclaim
Our love to those who can't hear with their ostentatious ears
And sing the songs we know without fear
Waiting for the next current to appear
Time moves by at a steady pace while we just wait
Until we're swallowed up by the pull of the tide and float away
Long enough for people to say they liked yesterday better than today
Track Name: Royal Blood
When you went away for good
I thought you'd see what you could do
But you didn't understand that what you had
Was just a measure of other people's bad advice
When you disappeared into the great unknown
You thought you'd be sitting high up on your throne
But you never had any royal blood
That could drown away all that you had done
The weather's cold but it's still warm inside
You'd notice more if you stayed here and tried
To appreciate the value of this place
And to ignore the false beauty of a pretty face
We're all looking for something that we'll never find
In a suspended animation of our minds
If we could only look past what we want to see
We'd finally become the people we want to be
Track Name: Iatrogenesis
You wake up for your visit but this will be the last time you get out of bed as you wait in a toxic room with magazines around telling you to endorse yourself into a silhouette but all you want is to help yourself In a place that wants to help itself
A compromise is made on behalf of two against one and you're stuck with a split heart from a reckless mind and you bleed out all your love while the profession justifies its inability to save them all
And the days continue on and on
Without a blink of an eye they go
Track Name: Ghost Singer
There’s a ghost singer lurking about
He opened up his heart but the soil filled his mouth
His words were written but the songs never sang
From the depths of the grave a concert can’t be arranged
Like a valiant prophet proclaiming the word
Through my mouth his message will be undoubtably heard
The melodies will flow from my subconscious mind
And guide them along like a dog for the blind
When a poetic soul is taken too young
You can never take it back like a slip of the tongue
With a weaker voice and a different last name
The words are still yours and the meaning the same
Why did you cross that forbidden wall before your time?
You still live on but what we’ll know is just your past
And there’s nothing more that you can share
But I’ll take what you gave and open eyes
Track Name: Carousel Eyes
Come on in the water’s fine
It’s not too cold this time
I’ll jump in and swim to sea
To see you with me
Stay up, enjoy the night
With a prism of infinite light
It’s glowing steadily
It’s you, it’s me
Your face is all that I see now
As I make my solemn vow
Your eyes are like a wishing well
I throw mine in and let them dwell
My heart’s under a magic spell
My eyes are like a carousel
Spinning endlessly
That’s what you do to me
Track Name: Empty Hands
A hundred dollars is what you pay to get a decent drink
Of carbonated caffeinated cluster headaches
A pen and paper is all it takes to sign your life away
With empty hands you end up with nothing but an empty plate
Of cigarette stenches on a hospital bed
Curing your second guessing of an establishment
The bones aren’t broken but a subtle movement is all it takes
Before you can’t see straight
Track Name: Good People
There you stood double crossed and hurt
A white sheep stained with the blood and dirt of broken hope
But you’re here and standing upright
Despite all the stabs to your spine
Blocking all the tears from falling from a river that’s overflowing
But your heart’s the dam that shields all life’s filth infested water
Filtered by the good things you do
That will cleanse and always heal you
Track Name: Return To Normalcy
A return to normalcy is all we ask
What came and went was just the past
But the typical is not made to last
The present is a dividing line between what had happened
And what one wants
A return to normalcy is all we ask
Pleading cannot create a state
That someone makes but cannot sustain
A return to normalcy is a return to impossibility
An average life pays the bills but lacks the thrills you need to live
A normal life is a cheap routine that you buy on sale for a buck fifteen
Where frugality is a necessity to live a life of empty luxury
But the uncomfortable can be wonderful
If you live your life with a glass half full
And you drink it down ‘til your sorrows drown
And you swim away on the salty waves
And the water heals all your open wounds
At the clinic of the self-marooned
And as you look up from the depths of you
And become what you always knew
An experiment that you underwent that was meant to be
For time was spent learning all there was to know
Without ever stooping down below to see what lies underneath
Because it only wants to shake your teeth
So you let the cold air run its course
And embrace the path as a tour de force
That warms you up as you run along
And fixes all you thought was wrong
And you finally see there was nothing wrong
There is nothing wrong